Monday, 2 November 2009

Non-violent and grassroots-democratic

Rather than trying to overthrow or reform the existing order (of state and economy), we must create alternatives (plural, since we will never all agree on just one) WITHIN it, which in western democracies, at least, we currently have the freedom to do, provided that we proceed peacefully and within the law. For the kind of society that I envisage, we also have to proceed grassroots-democratically and in accordance with certain principals (constitutions) which will differ somewhat from alternative to alternative. The state's monopoly of force, will need to remain, at least for the time being, so as to ensure the rule of law and non-violence, should the alternatives fail to do so (we don't want to risk a return to tribal warfare).

The alternatives need to germinate and develop within the existing socioeconomic order on which we all currently depend. As they grow and develop it will be possible for the willing, when they are ready and at their own pace, to gradually transfer their activities and dependencies from the old order to the new. For this to work we need the spirit, and practice, of an Open Source philosophy.

The STATE and its apologists (which to some extent we all are, because of our dependency on and tendency to identify with it), will oppose the development of alternatives to it, condemning those which choose to define themselves along ethnic lines - as many, of course, when free to do so, will - as "racist".

It is perfectly natural, however, to identify with one's own ethnic group (in fact, it is a state-induced perversion not to), about which there need be nothing racist (although, of course, there can be, as the Nazis provided the most ugly example of). Condemning it as racist is simply the state's way of asserting its authority and power over the whole population, irrespective of their ethnic origins.

The existing socioeconomic order and establishment EXPLOIT man's evolved social and tribal, i.e. Darwinian, nature, embodying, as they do, the power structures which facilitate society's self-exploitation. The alternatives must recognise and develop an understanding of our Darwinian nature, instead of denying it (i.e. its massive social relevance), as we do now, in order to direct it along more enlightened, humane and rational lines.

Otherwise, as population continues to increase (unnecessarily and quite insanely, in western Europe, thanks to stupid, power-seeking politicians allowing mass immigration into our already, natively, overpopulated countries) and the struggle (essentially Darwinian, no matter how fervently some may deny it) for resources and advantage intensifies, there will inevitably be conflict on a terrible scale, which only a totalitarian state will be capable of containing.

We have to get our alternative, open-source societies up and running before that happens, and strong enough, collectively, to prevent it happening, since this window of opportunity will not last much longer.

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