Friday, 13 November 2009

Tribalists vs statists and universalists or Contrapot vs (the melting) Pot

Statists and universalists (i.e. apologists for the state and universalist religions or ideologies) seek to demonize and suppress tribal and ethnic loyalties (now condemned as "racist") in favour of loyalty to the state and/or a universalist religion or ideology, which usually includes "colourblindness" or "one-human-race-ism", in order to create a social and political ENVIRONMENT in which they can lay claim to the "moral high ground" for themselves and the advantages which go with it.

They will argue, of course, that this is the only way to control man's tribal nature, which would otherwise lead to tribal conflict and war, as it apparently did in prehistoric times, but this really is just a pretext for continued domination by the state and capital.

Man's social behaviour is tied, I believe, not exclusively, but to a very large extent, to his tribal nature and behaviour. Thus, if we want to create a genuine society, people must be free to form, peacefully and grassroots-democratically, genuine NATIONS, the natural extension of our original TRIBE, in contrast to the STATE, which has always been imposed from above in order to facilitate society's self-exploitation, as an environment and human resource, to the advantage of wealth, power and privilege.

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