Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The spurious "moral high ground " on which so-called liberal democracies are based

Our political and religious leaders, in claiming a spurious "moral high ground" for themselves, which they need to occupy the positions they do, refuse to recognise, or even contemplate, the Darwinian nature of society, i.e. its social, political and economic power structures.

As a consequence, hundreds, if not thousands, of millions of people are going to die in the decades ahead, as the individual's primordial struggle for survival, advantage and "success" intensifies, due to an increasing human population placing ever greater demands on Earth's finite and diminishing natural resources and carrying capacity. Basically it is what happens to a population of any organism (from bacteria upwards) when its demand on available resources (usually just nutrients) and its environmental impact (e.g. environmental pollution and degradation) exceeds sustainable levels.

In order to retain their own, personal (and immediate family) advantage, our political and religious leaders will go on insisting (and believing themselves, no doubt, since I'm not suggesting that they do this with intent) that it is wrong and deeply immoral to take a Darwinian view of society (because that, they say, is what wicked Social Darwinists and evil Nazis did), thereby preventing the rest of us (academics, especially evolutionary biologists, at the fore) from doing so and developing a real understanding of our situation, in contrast to the illusions and self-deception which dominates at the moment, which we could then use, if not to avoid the approaching catastrophe entirely (for which it is now almost certainly too late), at least to greatly reduce its scale and impact, and vastly improve our children's chances of survival and recovery.

There is another spurious claim to the "moral high ground", which our political and religious leaders are compelled to embrace and then to impose on everyone else, which rivals and is related to the first: denial of the personal, social and political importance of race and ethnicity (because of its central role in determining a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group identity). Again, Social Darwinism and Nazism are held up as examples of the "moral low ground", which, they insist, is the only alternative to their "moral high ground" of "colourblindness", of "indifference to ethnic difference", of "race doesn't matter" (i.e. is of no social or political importance except to evil "racists" like the Nazis).

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